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Default Group build/rental

So here we are couple of changes. It takes 10 min for milling now adverage. This does change from person to person. So if you have more then 2 set appointment for 2 per. So the max is 8 units per hr. We have done a lot on this milling machine and 99.9% have come out looking like the old CNC one you guys
We have made more changes and have gotten the times down quite a bit! We have made changes and now have a easy drill jig set up so this is now done with out changing a bit! right now we can do 6-8 per hr. We made it happen and we did it within the law. For you who came to the first build u know how slow it was, well that is fixed now and the hold process has gotten more and more streamlined as it will continue too till we are handling all the demand. For any group that has 5 or more we are going to hold privite builds if you would like even durning the week mon-fri any group with 10 or more please set up privite build, Sat. really are for the singles and doubles. If you have 5 or more and Sat is your only day please call me or email me and I will get you in first or last whatever works better for you.
This should be first week back where you guys will get in and out without long delays "SHOULD" lol it work really well last couple of days.
See you all there
Pricing is as follows
100.00 for any 1 AR15 paperweight that is not ours.
80.00 each for 2 or more AR15 paperweight or any 80receiver paperweight
AR10s and AR308 paperweights are a go
So any AR paperweight now can be done no problem.
Also DIY paperweights are good to go as well and if you want to finish any 50 or more that's good too will cost a little more as you will be renting more equipment and taking longer, that will be given to you "price" after we see it. Must warn you if the mag well is not done chances of you doing that right the first time are very slim but you choice.
This is the most important if you are not allowed to buy a rifle from the gun shop then you are not allowed to build one. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP!! We will not tolerate anyone who breaks the law, walking the line is one thing we don't ever cross it.
Here is the scheduler
Will see you there
Clint Atkins
Clint Atkins