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Originally Posted by Atlantic Firearms View Post
When the shotguns arrive All orders will be placed via the web site , we will issue a coupon code that you will be able to use for the discount .Please Note we will not have a unlimited supply of these to be sold at the discounted price and the offer will be open for a 48 hour time period after posting . The last word was the shotguns were still in customs things normally move a bit slower around the Holidays for imports but hopefuly they will arrive soon !

We do not take orders for out of stock items adn play any games , Not sure what the hell Tracy Rifle is claiming but we have the Saiga IZ137 308 in stock . If we did run scams we would be asking customers to pay upfront for the incoming Saiga 12's but if you notice we do not want money or orders until they are actually in our warehouse. I think you may have bumped into a Tracy Rep that was pissed you were considering buying a rifle from another vendor. As a company policy we normally do not even take orders or pre orders with payment for out of stock items so not sure how they could claim we are taking payment and making customers wait ?????
Well thank you for clearing that up. I did look for the bad feedback on the internet as Tracy Rifle and Pistol had suggested but did not find any. I don't understand why they would be bad mouthing you guys when that don't have any Saiga 308's. Guess they though I would not find out. I look forward to doing business with you and NOT with TRP and already have another person that wants one too.
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