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Guys just so you know , apart from the first few people who had pm'd me originally , there isn't a list or queue . There were way too many people saying they were interested and as we all know so many drop out and flake. The problem there is how long does Atlantic have to wait for that specific person to contact them.

So what is going to happen is basically this :

I will post an update that says IN STOCK : TIME TO BUY in the title

you will then email atlantic with your name and calguns username . They will then email you back a coupon code that you can then use on the site and order like you would anything else from their site.

The coupon code will be available i think for about 3 days to limit it getting out to the public and eating up stock before calgunners can get to it .

I know for a fact they will have a quite a few guns in and they don't have a specific cap on how many they will sell.
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