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I think the drill press option off craigslist (a nice one) is OK if you are gonna do one part.

But yes, if you are gonna do a dozen lowers or frankly ANYTHING that is more than a 1-off part and expect any repeatability or precision, I'd go for the mill too (unless of course all you need to do is drill holes).

Despite what was said before you DON'T need to spend thousands in tooling for a machine that's several hundred dollars. I have less than $100 in tooling for mine. That being said, my capabilities of course a VERY limited so far, and that is based on tooling. But I can still make he products I want to, simply because my needs are as limited as my tooling. As they expand, so will my tooling.

Anyways, IF you decide you want a minimill instead of a fancy drill press, I am only qualified to make one suggestion:

If the mill you want can bend like that one, get the drill press NO MATTER WHAT. 2-piece mills with the large nut in the back to allow for tilted positioning will never be stiff enough to give you precision work. Pain to tram. The "feature" was a bogus invention as a cost saving measure to eliminate the need to cast the base and column all at once.

Knock yourself out. Another guy said he threw his drill press away (I hope he is lying). Frankly i see the benefits of both and am in the market for a floorstander to accompany my mill.
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