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Originally Posted by ExtremeX View Post
Thats not the first time someone has told me that... Ill have to give it a try.

Do you skip the crimp, or apply a little hug with the Lee FCD when you do this?

I did my ladder last night for my new load (23gr to 25gr)... H335, Hornady 55gr FMJBT, CCI #450, with the COAL around 2.208" which puts the cannelure barley visible with a 1.750" case trim, and a crimp with the Lee FCD.

I work up a second ladder with a longer COAL before my range trip to see how it compares.
I never really crimp. Neck tension interference fit is all that is really needed. For my more expensive long distance AR loading (Sierra SMK 69 and 77gr) I do keep a Dillon taper crimp die in the last station and set it so it just kisses the edge of the case mouth, no actual turn in of the case mouth is ever done. This last bit of taper touch is ONLY done when I am using same batch cases that have been uniformly trimmed, otherwise crimp in any manner is a waste of time when case length and case wall thickness varies. For mixed headstamp 55gr AR fodder where you are not trimming the cases first no crimp at all is best IMHO.

A FCD is a horrid thing to do to a nice bullet. You are squishing the bullet and that's never a good thing to do!
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