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Default Felon Firearm Posession Question

So I have a friend who has a felony on his record. 2 years ago I took his son to hunter's safety class and I have taken the son hunting a few times in the past 2 years. Last week my friend wanted to go dove hunting with me so that he could watch his son hunt. Even though they would of drove down separately and his son (15 years old) would of shot one of my guns under my supervision, I told my friend I was pretty sure that the gun could be seen as " in his possession or control". Neither him or his son ended up going hunting. I told my friend that I will only take his son hunting. So my questions are:

Is taking the son hunting with his dad watching a violation of the law?

What if the kid was 18?

My thoughts are that it would be a violation since I would be giving a gun and ammo to a minor who's parent is present and has a felony. And since the minor is under the "control" of the parent , then I am giving a felon "control" of the gun and ammo.

I told my friend that I am never going to take him hunting. I'm positive it would be a violation, and wouldn't even risk doing anything close close to this. Thanks.
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