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Originally Posted by franklinarmory View Post
Well Calguners, I'll take the blame for this. When this all hit, we bought several new 5-axis machines to increase production. The problem was that I was anticipating a linear increase of parts per day. e.g. One machine = 100, two must = 200, and three brand new machines will get you 300 per day, right? ....unfortunately, not so much. On top of that, we had some anodizing issues that created some blem batches that I could not in good conscience ship out. So, at the end of the day, please direct all hate male to my PM box. Turners, Ammo Bros, The Shootist, et al have been very patient with us and I thank them for their patronage, and I thank you for hanging in there.
You got my support FA. You put out a fine product and the wait is understandable.

BTW, will Turner's carry your billet upper in the future? thanks.
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