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Originally Posted by Patrick-2 View Post
In the event this thing actually ran to deadline with no <insert fun stuff here> happening, then my point was Illinois law has no choice as to manner of carry, other than "none".

This is not a matter of "concealed carry". It would conceivably include open carry. For all.

I hate to pick nits, especially considering I am not a big OC proponent for urban areas. But a can of worms opens on this theoretical "Day 181". Open Carry could conceivably end up costing votes for permissive Shall-Issue in the long run. When lawmakers from Chicago's exoburbs start fielding calls about all the gun nuts thinking it is wild west time, they will fall off the fence in a direction we don't like.

I think OC makes sense in a number of cases. I got disabled family for whom OC is the only practical carry method. But I also worry about "activists" strutting their gear in busy areas in a state where literally the day before it was illegal to have a gun in the hallway outside your apartment, or even in the garage of your own home. Social change cannot be that fast, and IL people will still be subject to laws of the legislature. Given enough calls, they will do what every legislature does: make the problem go away.
Illinois is not California or Maryland. We can hold.
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