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Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
Think about what you are suggesting. You are saying that a supermajority of Illinois legislators are willing to go back to their districts and point with pride at the fact that anyone in the state can legally carry a concealed weapon, no permit required, because they didn't get the sweeping gun rights measures they wanted from the rump of the Legislature. You think their constituents will be happy about that?

Honestly, NO ONE IN AMERICA, outside a hard core of passionate advocates, cares that much about gun rights, for or against. Certainly hardly any elected officials anywhere care enough to put their reelections on the line. I have yet to see a politician of national stature stand up and declare, unequivocally, that assault weapon bans (for example) make no sense and should be repealed, let alone the supermajority of any state legislature.

Yes, and that's what Illinois will probably get, a new concealed carry law.

Anyway, I hate making predictions, and I'm not going to make a prediction here. I was curious about the rationale behind this suggestion that Illinois was now poised, because of a narrow CA court decision, to enact sweeping gun law reforms. I now recognize the reasoning, but I still don't buy it. We'll see what happens.
Define "sweeping reform".
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