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Sorry guys that its taken me so long to report back. Ok so far ive been able to take it out to the range three times putting 150-200 rounds down range each time.

Zeroed it at 100 yards on my first range trip with 6 rounds. Shot another 20 rounds or so and made minor adjustments to it being that it was also the first time our shooting the AR. Once everything settled in. The optic held its zero for the rest of the day. My last 20 rounds for the day i tried it out at 200 and 300 yards and went ten for ten on each.

In my opinion at 50 yards the focus was kinda blurry but at 100+ it was pretty crisp and clear and the reticle is extremely clear as well. It held zero from each range trip to the next. The turrets in my opinion are solid and has good positive feedback with each adjustment. Loved the throwlever on it.

Id say for the price of it. The 1-4 scope from bushnell is worth it. A little on the heavy side but either than that i think it works great.
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