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Originally Posted by mossy View Post
How do you prevent air bubbles during the pour? Also, how's the durability compared to poly 80%?
Read David Hunter Jones' cover story in the latest Firearms News. According to the article, pour very slowly, pause, slosh around the liquid in the mold, continue the pour. They put about 650 rounds through a couple of them with no issues. More durable than a typical poly lower, has reinforcements around the buffer tube area and handle mount, you can do different things when you pour like put some fiberglass into the mold and or aluminum powder can be added.

The manufacturer makes no claim that these are mil spec at all, not the point. The point is anyone can easily make (pour) their own reliable, fully functional with all magazine AR 15 lower with no governmental control, registration or regulation, as it should be. Probably not going to outlast your barrel but probably good for at least a few thousand rounds, if not more. Easier, cheaper and more convenient than 80%ers, or 3D printers, no jigs, CNC or routers needed. You can also get creative with colors. I am really impressed with these, you can buy a kit to pour 5, 10 or 15 lowers and the per lower cost is dirt cheap. I think pouring my own lowers would be fun. Takes the AR 15 to the next step in Lego building blocks. You can build one lower for each day of the week and rotate your uppers onto them. Whoever thought this idea up is a genius.
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