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Originally Posted by djbooya View Post
I was reading about the Dillon Square B and it seems like it only loads pistol calibers. What do people use with the Dillon line to load rifle rounds?
The square deal is the orphan child.
It only loads pistol cartridges and it uses funky dies.
Most people that have them have one dedicated to each cartridge and leave them setup.

Start looking at the 550 and 650.
Both work with rifle length cartridges and take normal dies.
The 550 is manual advance and can take a casefeeder for pistol cartridges only.
The 650 is auto advance (can also be run manual advance too) and will accept a casefeeder that fits pistol or rifle cartridges.
The 650 is a significant upgrade from the 550 for several reasons: auto advance, rifle casefeeder and powder check station.
The combination of auto advance and a powder check station makes it almost impossible to load a squib or double charge a case.
It's much easier to do that on a 550 if you are not watching what you are doing.

I whole-heartedly recommend starting with the 650.
The initial cost is higher, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.
I started with a 550 and now wish I had started with a 650.

I can tell you all about dillon presses as I own more than a couple.
One 450, three 550's, two 650's and two 1050's.
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