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Originally Posted by djbooya View Post
Do most people reload these days for the customized loads or to save money on the rounds themselves? Also, if you decide to sell your reloads are you considered an Ammo Manufacturer and then have to get a special license for it? What can one expect to spend on a good setup to make a few hundred rounds per day spending maybe 2-3 hours per day doing it? Or is this just unrealistic? I'm interested in making .223s 7.62x39m, 9mm, .45ACP, and 30-06, and perhaps even .308. From what I've read so far the different bullets sizes all are the same process but with different die sizes for the sizing of the cases, etc... Not sure if this belongs in the 101, feel free to move this post if it doesn't belong in this thread.


The Reasons to reload are:

1. Better quality ammo, ammo can be tailored to your gun
2. Save money

In order to sell your reloads you would need to be licensed as an ammo manufacture

Depending on what setup you went with you could spend from a few hundred to over a $1000 to get setup. I just spent about $500 getting set up with a Rock Chucker press, die for 3 calibers, scale, tumbler and a few other accessories.
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