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It was pretty brutal today, but worth it in my opinion.

I showed up at 7 am w/ ticket in hand and lined up in the proper line.

Gates opened at 9 am - I lined up for the big white, outside ammo tent, there are 2 lines here, one for reloading supplies, and one for ammo.

Got to the actual tent at around 12:30 p.m.

22lr - sold out of CCI Blazers, Remington Gold Bullets by the time I got there (12:30). They were limiting it to 500 rds/customer - I was with 3 other buddies, so they also picked up some 22lr for me and I reimbursed them.

I bought 500 rounds of the Aguila 22lr 40 gr rn for $52 after tax.... a bit high.

.45 ACP - they had Winchester white box for $217 for 500 rds and Wolf brand ammo for $18 for 50 rds. They had no limits on this caliber.

7.62 x 39 - Wolf brand ammo for both FMJ and HP were $280 for 1000 rds. No limits on this.

I also bought some .50 BMG - $64 for 10 rds.

I walked by the magazine booths to check out Glock mags and they had them marked up to $50 / magazine... crazy! The 30 rd Kriss Super V extension for .45 glocks were going for $200 / $175 depending on which booth you went to... These guys are insane... the kits are normally about $60.

All in all I got most of the things I wanted on my list, at the sacrifice of showing up early and waiting in line for 5 hours.

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