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Originally Posted by Punisher80 View Post
Is it still crazy there? I am thinking about going tomorrow to see how AR parts are looking, but if it is poor selection and a long wait to get in I may skip it.
Absolute waste of time..

Was told 1hour wait at the gate so I payed the $10 for parking and it was total BS.. That line was at least a 3hr wait.. No chance I was waiting in that..

So It cost me probably $20 for nothing.. And NO "in and out" at the gate so I wasn't about to come back later and pay another $10..

At 9am there was a steady stream of people already leaving..

They probably made an easy 10k of all the people that pulled in payed and just split... Suck it Del Mar..

Don't go..
"Do.. or do not.. there is no try" Yoda
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