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Got in line at 7am. Waited 2 hours and we started being waved in. Caught 3 separate groups of line jumpers. Got into the first MiWall ammo line, my first mistake of the day. Had some very deep and interesting conversations about reloading, where to go for BLM shooting, our favorite ranges, why we liked our respective mothers in law, our philosophies on being married, kids, and FOUR HOURS LATER, I went in to get my ammo and I'm only allowed to buy 100 rounds *total* of .22lr. They let me buy 2 boxes of winchester .45acp, bless their hearts. They also let me buy a box of 9mm reloads. Dragged my stuff over to the food booth, got a polish sausage and a drink, my second mistake of the day. Got into line at the LAX Firing Range booth, took an hour. Got myself 3 boxes of 9mm. Hung around the show looking for miscellaneous things, got myself another polish sausage and a drink (ammo buying makes me hungry and thirsty), and finally went home.

The things we do for our sport, right? Soooo many conversations, so much talking, so much hanging out. I witnessed a woman taser her boyfriend. And then she asked him to taser her. Wow.
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