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Originally Posted by DocClark340 View Post
It’s taken me about 4-1/2 months to get mine. The longest wait was for the CCW class after the interview (about 6-7 weeks). And I am here to tell you what, as an instructor and shooting enthusiast that SBD class was one of the most interactive and informational class about firearms laws and justifications I have been to in a long time. Ya there was the usual dog and pony about gun safety bla, bla ,bla, but I walked out of there with a new mind set on the implications (legal and non-legal) about being involved in a gun fight. Getting sued is no joke even if it is a clean shoot.
If you’re going to conceal carry read up!! Not just about the gear but lawyers and insurance to cover you’re a** if it comes down to brass tacks……. Sitting in a jail cell is no time to shop for a lawyer to back you up and get you home to your family.

That's what I keep telling myself now. Maybe there is a reason why
i wasn't allowed to apply. I know at the back of my head that I am
just sour graping though,haha! But I agree with you, getting into a
situation wherein you have to draw your weapon and shoot someone
is no joke, you will definitely have to deal with the law. Whether you
are on the right or not.

Originally Posted by jaymz View Post
You may want to make sure you are contacting the correct people as well. Your location doesn't jive with the location of the people you contacted in regards to an LTC.
I haven't really contacted anyone yet. As of now, I am just hoping that
the lady who I spoke to on the phone gave me the wrong info. That one
day I will find out that I am actually eligible to apply.

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