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Originally Posted by sexytyranno View Post
@astroboy: First off, I feel for you, and I wish you the best of luck in this case.

As for the current legal issue at hand, I strongly advise you to play your cards close, and not disclose too much information on this forum. You do NOT want to show your opponents your cards.

I am not a lawyer, but as for my advise on the situation at hand, as @gose said, you might have a case.

Your best bet is to not say anything further here about this specific issue (you don't want to show the opponent your cards!), and contact CalGuns Foundation for advise. They may be willing to help you out (either directly or refer you to a trusted legal team), or they may be able to offer you advice on where to go next.

Seriously, contact CGF! It'll probably be the easiest route to get quick and reliable advise on this matter.

If they are unable to assist you in some capacity (very unlikely, from what I've heard), you should then try contacting the American Civil Liberties Union or the Second Amendment Foundation, both of which may also be of assistance in your case.

Thank you, I really appreciate your advice. I will
look at my options and see what I can do.

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