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Originally Posted by astroboy View Post
I am not really familiar how legal stuffs like this works. Does this mean I
can fight them and actually get a shot at getting my CCW/LTC? Looking
at the docket, it took around 7 months before they got a decision. If I
decide to go to court, it will take time and money. I just to know about
my chance. Ruling like this applies only PER STATE right? Or does will
decision apply to me/CA as well?
I was hoping that the person who answered the phone when I made the
phone call earlier made a mistake, I had her double check the info and
was told that I have to be a natural born or at least a naturalized citizen
before I apply.
I cannot believe that I overlooked this requirement. AFAIK, I saw it
somewhere that even a permanent resident is eligible to apply. I had
to call, for one of their requirement is to give them a copy of my birth
certificate or naturalization papers. Which puzzled me, why would they
want that, unless US citizenship is a requirement. Alas, when I called,
that's when i found out. I guess it was natural to assume that all
applicants are US citizens so they didn't have to write down that
requirement anymore.
(I know that some people will say that I should just apply for citizenship
and not expect the same rights being just a permanent resident. I understand
that. I just want to look at my options right now. Besides, I am not eligible to become
a citizen yet.)

Yeah, those are district court decisions and have no real bearing in California. However, the fact that two different federal judges have rules against similar restrictions and the fact that not many other counties (if any) have similar restrictions might be enough to convince them...
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