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I have done a lot of reading as to how to obtain
a CCW in San Bernardino. With that, I thought that
I was good to go. No negative records of any kind.
I have been a resident of San Bernardino county for
four years now, payed my taxes all the time and has
never had any negative encounter with any LEO.

I called SBCSD Employee Services Division this morning...

...found out that I am not eligible to apply for LTC since
I am not a US citizen. I was really taken aback and am
feeling really bad. For I didn't know that being a US citizen
is one of the requirement. I have never read anything
pertaining to being a US citizen as a requirement.

I respect their decision and I understand that I do not have
as much right as a US citizen. But I was hoping that being a
legal immigrant with a permanent resident card is enough.

It's one of those things that you have already set your mind
for, only to find out that it can't be done.


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