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Originally Posted by BumBum View Post
A little more clarity here on CGF’s victory against the Riverside County Sheriff. The County filed a non-opp to a preliminary injunction and settled the case by agreeing to a permanent injunction.

Sue over a non-issue, Defendant responds, “sure, whatever,” and declare victory.

So the County rolled over and stipulated to an injunction that prevents the County from not accepting CCW applications from non-citizen legal residents because essentially “this wasn’t our policy anyway so we don’t care if we’re enjoined from not doing something we weren’t doing in the first instance.”

I stand by what I said earlier, I think this effort was a huge waste of money. This probably could have been solved with a demand letter, but I guess that doesn't generate headlines like a lawsuit does. You know, the kind of headlines that get used for political purposes right before an election and also to solicit donations. Meanwhile, I am still sitting here in LA County with no chance at a CCW, but it's all good because resident aliens in Riverside County can get a CCW.
Totally ridiculous response! Thoughts like yours is why the 2A is so infringed in this state. This lawsuit probably nudged Sniff out of winning the race and had he won, would the county have caved like they did?

The people spoke, New Sheriff in town and the new sheriff didn’t want to fight the old policy because he didn’t like it. A win is a win.

Are you saying that if you were a green card holder who was denied, you wouldn’t be happy now?

Do you have any idea how many guns I sell to permanent residents? I bet at least one per day!
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