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A little more clarity here on CGF’s victory against the Riverside County Sheriff. The County filed a non-opp to a preliminary injunction and settled the case by agreeing to a permanent injunction.

Sue over a non-issue, Defendant responds, “sure, whatever,” and declare victory.

So the County rolled over and stipulated to an injunction that prevents the County from not accepting CCW applications from non-citizen legal residents because essentially “this wasn’t our policy anyway so we don’t care if we’re enjoined from not doing something we weren’t doing in the first instance.”

I stand by what I said earlier, I think this effort was a huge waste of money. This probably could have been solved with a demand letter, but I guess that doesn't generate headlines like a lawsuit does. You know, the kind of headlines that get used for political purposes right before an election and also to solicit donations. Meanwhile, I am still sitting here in LA County with no chance at a CCW, but it's all good because resident aliens in Riverside County can get a CCW.

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