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Originally Posted by k1dude View Post
Yes, on sale it's about the cheapest 'good' red dot you can get. On a good sale you can find them for around $50 to $60. An inexpensive UTG mount runs around $10.

I have a few that have held up very well. I've also had a couple duds I had to return. But the replacement ones were fine.

Primary Arms also has some good deals on their red dots as previously mentioned. Wait for them to go on sale.

The $120 Sig Romeo 5 at PSA is also a good red dot for the money. I've bought the Romeo 5 for as low as $90 on EBay.
I agree on the Sig Romeo5. In past I have owned Eotechs and Aimpoint PRO's but sold those rifles w the optics.

My latest purchase was a Sig Romeo5 I got on sale for under $100. For that price, I think the quality to price ratio is amazing. Fantastic little optic.

I had bought a Trijicon MRO 6 mos ago for another rifle and like it, but that was over $300 more than the Sig-- I don't have any experience w Primary Arms RDS but I assume they are great for the money as well.

But as far as what I have owned, I am truly impressed with the Sig Romeo5 for a $100-$120 RDS.
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