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Originally Posted by BillyGoatMachine View Post
In shines as a light and compact hunting rifle, exactly what Mamba uses it for.
I own one, and this is exactly why I bought it. I'm very happy with it, it's probably my favorite gun to shoot.

The light weight nature of the rifle really amplifies your inconsistencies as a shooter, but I think that applies to any light weight bolt gun. I think that's where a lot of the accuracy complaints come from. I think an experienced shooter who shoots well, can do so with most any platform. Beginner shooters/hunters buy this rifle and expect it to shoot ragged holes when their form is crap.

I also agree, if you're looking for a gun to shoot from a bench or maybe PRS style events this is not the gun for you. You'll probably be disappointed.

If you really get down to the details of the rifle, there's nothing on the market that is currently like it in my opinion, others will likely disagree. I think Christensen Arms MPR is a close competitor that has similar features and over all weight.

There aren't a lot of rifles out their with similar weight characteristics and modularity. It's up for you to decide what features are important.
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