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Originally Posted by RickD427 View Post
No local restrictions. Your CCW is a state license, even though issued by a city or county.

You'll see lots of FUD posted about the city of San Francisco, but I've never seen a San Francisco FUD posting backed up with any facts.
This is correct.

I carry lawfully everyday in SF; even right now as I type this.

Been hearing the FUD over lawful concealed carry in San Francisco for years and every time it's 'I heard from my instructor' or 'this guy in a gun store said...' and so I will issue my standard challenge:

I will wager $100 cash money to anyone that can provide provable documented instances of San Francisco PD or any city official ever, interfering with, confiscating or otherwise harassing an individual that is lawfully carrying in the city.

Haven't had to pay out yet.

I have a perfect Burning Man attendance record: zero.

You do know there are more guns in the country than there are in the city.
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