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Originally Posted by SkyHawk View Post
If you are using the wifi access point built into the cable modem or cable company provided router, you might consider disabling that and getting a real/dedicated access point from Meraki, Aerohive, Ubiquiti, or even a Nighthawk.

You also need to determine where it is dropping. If the internet is dropping out, that may have nothing to do with the wifi access point. You need to be instrumenting the connections, internal and external, to see where the drop is happening.

I would start by profiling the internet connection for a few days using a reliable WIRED device (like a laptop with wired network port). Once you know the internet connection is solid, you can expand your investigation. If the internet connection is not solid however, then no point looking at wifi until that is resolved.

OP, always start your tests at the beginning, in this case I'd run tracert to a known good sight ( and a problematic sight from a wired computer while things are running well and again when things slow down. That'll tell you if you have an Internet issue or a destination site issue. I'd also test a free DNS server ( during a slowdown to see if your ISP has a doggy DNS server.

Only then would I start chasing wifi issues. I don't use Apple products but there must be a few wifi testing tools out there for your phones. Test all over the house on a good day and then repeat on a bad day. And that means everywhere in every room you have issues in.

I prefer to run cables over relying on mesh and installed a second and third 802.11ac router (cheap used T-Mobile/Asus AC1900 routers) as access points at the far end of my home and in my garage (near my Rings) but a good quality mesh system like an AC3000 Netgear Orbi might do the job. That I would not do is spend a dime until you've nailed down the source of the problem.
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