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And YOU completely missed the point.

I acknowledged exactly what you said, once before you said it in my original post, and again after YOU missed my reply to you.

When there is a natural disaster, and you don't have any water, do you thank the guy who showed up with bottled water, that was kind of dirty, and smelled a little funny when you opened it and who charged you a 25% PREMIUM for it because - well - he went out of his way to bring in product and charge you for his cost? When you absolutely know he filled the bottles from the rain water buckets in his backyard?

So, yeah - when Turner's brings in unknown quality no name brand magazines, the day before the stay is going to take place, and charges 25% more then what the name brand WITH quality items cost everywhere else. I'm going to call them out on it.

I appreciate that they brought in product, notified their customers they had product in store, but what I don't appreciate is being sold questuonable quality items for a premium price.

Nobody does, except maybe you?

That's all I'm saying, exactly what I said in my first post.

Sometimes a half hearted attempt at something is worse then no attempt.

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