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Originally Posted by ThatOneTurnersGuy View Post
There are no plans currently to change the policy. Less than 1% of our customers are affected by “undetermined” background check outcomes. The majority of those who have been affected take the time to clear up whatever the issue is- ranging from uncovering DOJ mistakes, to clearing up background issues that had been resolved but not reported as such; doing so keeps them from having to face the same outcome on future purchases as opposed to not addressing the issue that holds them up. Even if a dealer does choose to release guns under “undetermined” circumstances, they don’t want to face 30-day background checks each time vs. the usual 10-day routine.
Are you claiming to actually be doing a "favor for customers" that you deny their lawful purchases? By forcing them to correct the mistakes of a Ca. Gov. Agency.

Perhaps you could share the reasoning for this "extra legal" policy change at Turner's. Because not one, of the many, "former customers" of Turner's that posts here on CG, the largest online firearms forum in the state. Share your opinion, that Turner's did them any favors.
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