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Originally Posted by Robotron2k84 View Post
I would caution against assuming that everyone in the sheriff's department is Anti, in Marin. As I wrote in a different thread, I do get the impression they want CCW reciprocity to pass so they can get out from under the demographics and let people choose their freedoms. However, given the voter make-up, that Marin still wouldn't issue even with Natl. reciprocity, simply due to the politics involved.
Any potential successors to Doyle should look in the Sonoma Co thread for the 2 posts I made with embedded videos of Essick addressing the local Dem party and local Repub party and how he handled the CCW issue. He basically said, look to our neighbors who've issued thousands of CCWs and have had no problems. CCWers, who pay fees, get fingerprinted, go through background checks and training, are not the problem. Gangbangers, drug criminals and thugs are the problem.

In 4 years from now, after 4 years of Essick readily issuing CCWs in Sonoma, Doyle's successor will be able to point to Mendocine, Napa, Solano and Sacto counties and say the same thing, but with next door Sonoma having joined that list. Sure, hardcore antis won't be convinced, but the vast majority of reasonable, common sense voters will be.

Never mistake being delusional for being optimistic.

230+ examples of CCWs Saving Lives.

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