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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
As you know by now, I am not a fanboy of any organization. I will take a lawsuit by any organization putting it forward to advance gun rights as a plus.

Look at some of the other cases that are going forward that were not popular here and are gaining traction. Then look at some of the others that were popular and a slam dunk and fell flat on their face.

This is a tough business! I now salute anyone that tries to gain our right back. Especially in this state.

I support the NRA, CRPA, 2AF, FPC, CGF, GOA ECT. We all just want a win somewhere.

Sometimes the smaller BS lawsuits that people don't care about might be the way up. The bigger more popular lawsuits after Heller and McDonald have all failed to this point.

Thats my answer to your friend
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