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Originally Posted by taperxz View Post
What’s wrong with playing politics to fix a wrong doing?
As long as politics is labeled as such, there is nothing wrong with playing politics.

The problem with this lawsuit is that it is NOT described as "politics." Instead, it's touted as some pro-2A groundbreaking lawsuit that will advance our rights in CA. Even you say "if it helps get Sniff out..." That's far cry from "look at all these permanent residents who will now have their right restored."

When the side effect of hurting Sniff turns out to be the primary motivator, it's just politics. As long as we admit that it's politics, I don't have a problem with the lawsuit itself, even if I do have a problem with using courts in this way. I'd prefer those who are against Sniff donate to Bianco or volunteer for him instead of borderline abusing the legal system.
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