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Originally Posted by BumBum View Post
There are a number of legal authorities that prohibit the filing of frivolous lawsuits for improper purposes (and playing politics does not count as a proper purpose). Hence, no one involved in the lawsuit would ever admit that this was the primary purpose. This is aside from the donor considerations as I mentioned above. I’m sure that Sniff supporters don’t appreciate their funds being used in such a way, not to mention donors who don’t reside in Riverside County.
So you’re saying legal green card holders should in fact not be able to carry loaded and concealed via a CCW and the 2A doesn’t apply to them? Got ya.

Sniff could just as easily change his PERSONAL policy and make this go away. Balls in his court.

I will now send money to support this case ONLY because supposed pro 2A people believe these folks should have limited 2A rights.
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