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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post

I didn't. I only spoke of the sheriff and the vast majority of Marin County voters.
Subtlety on my part. It's my hope sanity seeps in after Doyle is gone, and the next in line may be more willing to issue. No guarantees.

Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
Well, I'm glad to hear that not all MCSO LEOs are anti. But they're stuck behind enemy lines, just like the rest of us in the SFBA. Here's to those LE comrades!

Marin's best hope is something like what we hope just happened with Sonoma: there's a sheriffs election w/o an incumbent who's running, and the candidate who wins also happens to want to issue more CCWs, even if they aren't willing to go SD = GC. That way the antis don't go hysterical and yet more CCWs get issue w/o incident.
I simply wish that at a minimum that the remaining red counties would follow the standards that LA (PD?) is using to expand the valid classes of individuals where SD=GC.

Better would be full recognition of the right, but that's asking the near impossible for such districts.

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