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Originally Posted by Robotron2k84 View Post
Doyle isn't there much of the time anyway. Undersheriff Ridgway will probably replace him once Doyle retires. Expect more of the same for the next 20 years. Breakdown of issued permits numbers around 40-50 and consists mostly of Federal law enforcement, active Judges and DA personnel. Doyle won't even issue to his deputies who aren't allowed to carry off duty.

Keep in mind that Doyle has run unopposed for the last few elections, and that voter registration in Marin breaks down as 78% D, 16% R and 6% NPP. This makes running a pro-CCW candidate almost a guaranteed loser. Marin has exactly one gun store proper, and a few Big-5's which don't have full-time staff for selling guns (only certain days), and one semi-public range.

It's not a hotbed of Pro-2A fervor. Even though guns per capita far outstrips SF given the similar voting demographics. Marin is still older and white, but that is changing.

To make a fine point, I was the first 03 FFL that my local PD ever received notification for.
Yeah, I thought of that after posting. Most remaining hardcore anti counties are where BOTH the sheriff is anti and the vast majority of the voters are antis too.... Only the courts offer possible relief to the oppressed minority pro-2nd A citizens behind enemy lines, and we saw in the last presidential election, we almost lost any hope even there. (Think of who Hillary (or Bernie) would select for the federal courts and SCOTUS... )
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