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Default Carry at Your Place of Business. Parking lot?

Hello all, I'm looking for clarification. As a business owner (without a CCW), I can carry in my place of business. My question is, can I legally carry in my parking lot? I own a car dealership. I work out of a warehouse and show vehicles from my warehouse and in the parking as well. The parking lot is shared with other businesses. I have 6 parking spaces in the parking lot that comes with my warehouse. The parking spaces are not specifically marked for my business (if that matters but could be marked if needed), but according to my lease, 6 spaces are mine. I know for a fact that no one leasing space in the complex will have an issue with me carrying (not that that matters) and the landlord (property owner) will not have an issue either. I just want to be sure what is legal. I will call local PD to be sure, but if anyone has the answer, please let me know. Thank you.
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