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They called last week, on Friday, to tell me my ccw was ready to pickup and that I owed a balance of $80. I pointed out how cruel it was to tell me that it was ready on a day their office was closed to the public. I was being light hearted about it but she caught herself and said that if I needed it today that they could make it happen. WOW, do these people know they work for a government agency? The DMV should take notes. No I told her, I did not wish to put her out and I could wait till next week.

So 10/14/14 I picked up my ccw. Took me 10 min. Signed my "rice paper" form in triplicate and got my plastic ID card. She told me that I had to carry them both and that I could fold the paper in half and then laminate it like that.

So that is 1 year, 9 months. Granted that had I been able to take my class as soon as I got notified in may and that had I not wasted a month trying to add a pistol that I could not add (argh) I could have shave about 3 months off that time. So that still leaves it at 1.5 years.

Thank you so much to Sheriff Christianson. He sets an example that I wish more California sheriff's would follow. And there is little to nothing that he could reasonably do to change this egregious wait time. The cafeteria style decision in regards to rights that liberals in this state chose to protect vs ignore leaves me baffled and honestly in fear for the future of our state and for my children.

I often joke to friends that I want to move to Mexico where at least they are honest about their corruption. Sadly it feels less and less like a jest every day.
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