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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
Just a fyi for you Stan' folk: there's a thread in OT where people are saying both Stan sheriff and Turlock CoP accept mere "self-defense" as Good Cause for a CCW. Don't know if there are any additional illegal hoop to jump thru. Just wanted to pass this along. Seems to confirm what I've read on the last two pages of this thread.

Lucky beggars!
Lucky is relative. I mean, sure, I'm glad to get my CalCCW, but since the time I scheduled an appointment (Feb, 2013) I have taken classes for my Utah LTC and Nevada LTC and applied for and been granted both. I applied for my Oregon LTC yesterday and hear those get issued from Klamath Co. in about two weeks. Just seems like it takes way to long here in California, especially when Washington issued my LTC the very next day after I applied, so I know a non-resident background check doesn't take that long. Oh well, just another month or so until I can actually apply for my permit. Then a couple more months while they churn through that laborious background check process(that's sarcasm if you haven't guessed), and then I'll finally have it.
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