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Originally Posted by SVT-40 View Post
LEOSA identification is very specific and actually lists the (LEOSA) as well as the dates of firearms qualification.So Unless the ID specifically had that information, AND on the identification that the bearer was a peace officer or retired peace officer I don't thing the LEOSA would appily.
Question on the bolded: Are there actually agencies that put LEOSA on thei ID cards and dates of quals? My agency ID doesnt say jack about LEOSA or when I qaulified last. Neither does my commision card.
Originally Posted by leok20 View Post
To me Law Enforcement are guilty until proven innocent.
Originally Posted by barrage View Post
Over reaction to non-crimes by State loyalists. If they keep up their heavy handed crap, soon it'll be a better gamble to shoot at cops before they even start bothering you considering the amount of time they're willing to put you in prison for if you cooperate.

Seems like that pendulum is about to shift.
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