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Originally Posted by RickD427 View Post
I've closely reviewed the langauge of LEOSA. It does provide that LEOSA does not trump state laws in two instances: 1) Restrictions on CCW imposed by owners of private property, and 2) Restrictions on CCW on Government Property. The act allow excludes machineguns, silencers and destructive devices (using the federal definition). There is no language in LEOSA allowing the state to restrict magazines as purported in the above correspondence.

Does anyone out there have any greater insight, or better information, on the issue?
Sadly, neither of the last 2 updates to LEOSA have clarified whether or not they intended to preempt State magazine restrictions.

I believe that LEOSA covers those who import CA-Defined Large Capacity Magazines into CA due to People v Hale declaring that magazines are an essential part of a firearm. However, as with all new territory, I could certainly be wrong.
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