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Originally Posted by wilderness medic View Post
Playing around some more with my new Elcan Tr.

Maaaan are my eyes horrible. Iíve had Lasik in one (20/20 now) and the other is untouched.

Messing around with my nine power Iíve had issues with the crosshairs becoming blurry and disappearing completely. Really bums me out I spent Thousands on this new optic and this happens but such is life.

So last night Iím playing around with the 1x red dot. In low light all of a sudden my entire reticle turns into a giant fractured spiderweb. I blink and look around a bit and it goes back to normal for a second. Holy cow....

So I think it must be an astigmatism in my right I better try to left... so I swapped and looked down to see six red dots in a cluster in the center.

Iíve heard of some people with astigmatism seeing a comma instead of a crisp circle but what the actual F is this hahaha....

Itís not the optic as Iíve had several people spend some time looking through it in the same conditions and it works great for them. Is there a circus going on behind my pupils? It must be because of however Elcan builds their optic as Iíve never had this issue with any EO Tech or other optics.

Iím going to go get an eye exam hopefully next week but how screwed am I? This sounds far worse than other peoples issues with astigmatism Iíve read about.
About a year ago I started noticing my right eye really driving me nuts, almost like there was a film on it. I would rub it and it seemed to get better, and I kind of just adjusted and ignored it. I did notice a very obvious change in my shooting, so much so that I now shoot left eye dominate (I'm right handed). I had an eye exam last week and half way through Doc stops the exam and says he's referring me out for cataract surgery?! I knew I had a slight astigmatism in my right eye........ Now I have a Posterior Subcapsular Cataract. It is NOT age related and there are several factors that contribute..trauma, head trauma, steroids, etc...
My red dots look like someone threw a can of tomatoes at a wall. If I close my left eye I can see 2 moons, tail lights, etc.... and everything is blurry from my right eye.
Needless to say I'm having the surgery.....soon. Hopefully you just have an astigmatism that can be corrected with glasses. Let us know how it goes.
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