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Originally Posted by wilderness medic View Post
Well this sucks a fat one. Thousands of dollars in eye surgery and fancy optics to possibly be doomed to irons. Life is cruel...

Right now I can tolerate it as it’s more of an occasional problem that drifts in an out. But damn... Oh how I wish my Elcan was just defective instead of my eyes being defective.

Think I might take a field trip to some stores and see if I can’t play with various optics to see if it happens with any others. Had no issues using m68s and eotechs in the military. Hoping it’s just this optic and my eyes didn’t change for the worse. I had an Eotech and rmr in my near future too...
Wait till you go to the eye doc. Might not be terribly bad news. Cataract treatment is pretty routine. And if it's glaucoma, well there is an herbal remedy I heard about.

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