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Originally Posted by wilderness medic View Post
Yes Iíve tried focusing on both the target and the reticle.

Smoothy- Where do I even beging telling an optomotrist that I need glasses because Of my optic when my vision up close is great and my vision far away is great?

I made an apt a few weeks out. The lady I spoke to did say people of any age can get cataracts, even newborns. So maybe thatís it?

This is bizarre... This optic is like an acid trip for my eyes.

Just prior to turning 40 I made an appointment because my vision seemed to have deteriorated rapidly in a short period of time. Told her how I couldn't read license plates, signs etc, etc. She explained how age effects vision over time, then did the exams. She says well I don't know what your complaining about you've got 20/20 in both eyes.

Then I remembered my one previous eye exam when I was still in high school. Had 15/15 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. Sure seemed like I was going blind. Now many years later I have readers in my shop, garage, car,truck and every room in the house. LOL

I had what your describing, it would be driving me crazy.
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Excellent! I am thinking about it as well and I only have 4 points and an unfortunate "match bump" up to expert classification where I am far less "competitive" with my peers there.
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