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Originally Posted by Jeepergeo View Post
Watch the loopholes. The UPC code on my box of 1000 did not qualify...they wanted the UPC from each of the 50 20 round boxes....a total waste of time for ammo thar won't be shot for a year.
When i received my order it came in 2 (500) round boxes which then had 50 individual boxes of 20 rounds inside. I called up Federal rebate center and they said to just send the the 2 (500) round upc labels instead of having to cut each individual box of 20. The Representative told me their computer at the rebate submission center can process the request but the team who made the online rebate form was not able to qualify those requests. Told me they were still working on putting the bulk UPC's online.

I was not the first person to ask, and was definitely not going to cut up each of the individual boxes. When in doubt, call the rebate center phone number and confirm.
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