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Default Brought home some sexy twins last night.

Went into the my friends FFL last night to hang out a bit and show him a NIB EMP I just bought from a guy in the local mall parking lot.

I ask him if he got anything allocated to him and he said no but he just took in a couple AR pistols. Of course I had to take a look. As I'm goofing around with one I get the story on how they came into his shop. Turns out the original buyer ordered them through Rock River and requested that no one touch them. He has severe allergies and can't have anything touched. The intermediary transfer dealer admitted to unwrapping the guns and touching them so he could read the serials before sending them out to my friend. I laugh a little and then notice the sub 1000 serial number. Intrigued I ask if the other one is a low serial number. I get told they are consecutive. I instantly tell him "I'll take 'em." The original buyer told my FFL to get him 2 consecutive replacements. Like that's gonna happen anytime soon. He waited 7 months pre-panic to get these.

So hello to the twins:



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