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Originally Posted by Ladder49ffpm View Post
My lowers were in @ corona... But they did not have PSA lowers for me??? They were not able to get them and offered me MEGA ARMS lowers. They were $30 dollors more but Turners ate the cost... Oh well, it was either take them or get my money back. Some will not be getting PSA lowers FYI...
They did the same thing to me. I ordered 2 PSA, but only 1 showed up during the first run, i kept calling every Tuesday, but I got a call yesterday telling me they were going to give me a Mega instead, and were eating the cost on their end.

Totally a cool deal in my book, Mega lowers are way nicer than the PSA lowers.

+1 for Turners on this one. They did me right for sure.
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