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Originally Posted by Ladder49ffpm View Post
Went in to Turners Corona. They gave me the run around,said my purchased date put me to the back of the line... Not sure what's that about??? Seems like confusion going on. Not sure if they have all the PSA lowers in yet.
Yup, same thing happen to my brother in law. I'm not sure around what date he put his deposit down, but I know it was first week of January so technically he's a late comer. Went in on Tuesday without receiving a call, handed the guy his paper work. The sales clerk, them pulled out a clipboard of invoices and told us hopefully that he wasnt in the pile, second flip of the page and shi_t straight outta luck.

Unfortunately turners over sold the so-called 3000 lowers. It was a good selling technique while the panic frenzy if you ask me. If you heard about the lowers, and you made the trip to turners, your completely mindless. The best thing that happen was to hear that you were able to put a small deposit down, not knowing how long it would take.
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