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Originally Posted by 18Dmedic View Post
Really coolguy...Reeeeaaallllllly?? In their f@ck1ng dreams!!! SpitnAzz are too the time they stop doing flips and practicing the unstoppable str33t-deadly syst3ma, figure out what's happening, and punching each other, they'd be dead...and the sad thing is that we'd recruit and train their own countrymen in their own back yard, train them to fight for themselves and make it look like we weren't even there. We'd give the credit to the Chechen rebels and grab some popcorn, let them all off each other and watch it all unfold on Fox News in the TOC. So their f@cking dreams!

After the smoke clears, POTUS would get on TV and condemn it all. Lol

Lol Fr@CK SpitnAzz! Go back to CoD...
Did you watch the video link I posted? THAT HAPPENED

If its on TV, its real