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Originally Posted by goodlookin1 View Post
I think you might be surprised. It's in our human nature to trust other people we can relate to. In my case, we spoke a little bit about the churches we go to and shared a little bit about them. I initially brought it up not because I thought it might get me in his good graces, but because 1) It is a large part of my life and 2) It was part of the story of my one time drug use.

It may not play a direct role in acceptance, and I certainly dont advocate people who are not devout christians to say they are just to get a LTC. But if your interviewing officer relates to you on a personal level, they will more than likely be more apt to write a good recommendation for issuance, outside of the background check. If you go in there and he doesnt like you or doesnt get a good vibe, he is not going to have a good feeling about giving you a good recommendation. Again, it's human nature.

It is impossible to be human and to be a truly impartial judge. We ALL have biases and opinions....that's just the way it is.
Unless (s)he's a Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, or Atheist - then it might work against you. In a situation like this, my personal preference is to stick only to the facts of the interview. Small talk; be it political, religious, or social can be a double edged sword as you never know who you're talking too. In this case I'm sure you're fine ... but an effective investigator will often lead you into such conversations just to see what you say.

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