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Originally Posted by PRSTIFJ View Post
So, here is my traffic situation and hoping to hear some more info on what is expected. Recently i have had a cell phone ticket, about 2 years ago a speeding ticket, and a red light violation 3 years before that. I'm not terribly worried about that, But about 9 years ago when i lived in the Boston area i had several tickets and even lost my license for 3 months. Since then, i have just had the 3 violations listed above. Do you think they will consider what happened 9 years ago? I was much younger and much less mature then. Now i am a home owner, married, with a good job and kids coming soon. I drive like an old man these days for the most part. I have never been arrested for anything, no felonies, no misdemeanors and am a US Navy vet.


Seth in Roseville
The tickets you have in the last 5 years wont matter, but they might have an issue with your license being revoked 9 years ago, mixed with the current tickets. My guess is that you'd be much better off if you havent had any tickets since your license revocation long ago. The fact that you have a few now might tell them that either A) You're getting away with it and just not getting caught, or B) You havent fully changed to following the law while driving. For Placer, it's not the tickets but rather what the tickets usually represent: An inability/carelessness to follow the law. Their thinking is that if you can't/won't follow the law while driving, you might likely not follow the laws of carrying. The Sheriff told me that they have to balance your right to self defense with the right of public safety. I am not saying i agree with this, only that this is their view. And in CA where it's not shall issue, it is legitimate for them to issue based on this perceived liability.

Personally, if I were you, I would still apply and try to show them how you have changed, what you learned from your past mistakes and what you're doing differently now. The worst they can say is no, or better yet, "wait". They will not ring you up for the $210 if they dont like what they hear at the meeting. I was 100% honest, down to the nitty gritty with the sheriff and on my app, saying even that I had once used a "common illegal substance" (one time 10 years ago). But I told him of how I learned my lesson and have had absolutely no desire to ever do it again. It may have helped that I am also now a family man, regular church attender, devout Christian, and have a successful career.....all things that point towards a vast change in maturity and being a steady, law-abiding and productive citizen. I had one ticket in the past 3 years, and one more failed to stop ticket in the past 6. All together in the past 13 years of my driving, I've had a total 3 or 4 moving violations. Not great, not bad.

Just be honest. They WILL find any dirt in your BG, if you have any.
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