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Originally Posted by Josh3239 View Post
The corruption is thick over here. A certain high ranking Sheriff knows a very close family member to me, and claimed to my family member that he is the one who denied my application because he "didn't see a reason to give me one." I have no points on my license, zero criminal history, work at an 01 FFL, gave the VCSD a copy of my 03 FFL, A&D, COE, CA certification as a Handgun Safety Certificate Instructor and DD214. The Detective assigned to my case said I should be an easy candidate for one. Again, a family member of mine knows all the higher ups in VCSD and I've met one, they all know who I am. They still denied me.

Just found out about this story this morning. I am so f-n pissed off by the amount of arrogance and corruption.
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